Want a free nutrition and training programme?

So I just got back from eating out with the Mrs last night about 8pm (nope, it wasn't Indian...I'm as shocked as you)

I went for a "practically illegal" sized salmon fillet...unlike any other I've seen. It was no sliver.

It was at The Waterfront in Pewsey if you're wondering. Dressed to kill in cajun and other spices...the salmon and portion justified the trip..although having the football on the radio didn't quite set the mood for a candlelight dinner with the Mrs

^^^ I was keen to find out the score...and that Diego Costa will be trophyless this year!

So I got in and I had a missed call from a number I didn't recognise. I wouldn't usually call it back on date night BUT I kind of had a feeling who it would be...

It was a client ringing just to say "thank you" after he got in the best shape of his life...entering a competition and placing second!

What's this got to do with the freebie training and nutrition programme I'm offering?

Not much so lets get to it..

Although I couldn't help but hide my delight at how well Payum had done throughout his journey.

^^^ and a strong community. 24 /7 support. 24 / 7 accountability IS KEY!!!

Which is why I'm working on a new programme for my clients who currently see me in person once per week and use the Fruci Fit 24 / 7 Accountability System Online to help them get even faster and longer lasting results

Most of these guys are super busy. Run businesses. Work full-time. Have a wife. Want to spend more time with their kids so it's easy for them to:


lack motivation

Not see the point

put it off and beat themselves up about it. call themselves a failure...even though they work hard in life!

That's why I'm developing the Fruci Fit Community with customised nutrition and training programmes for intakes of 3-5 like-minded guys at a time who'll experience the journey together.

And I have a quick question for you.

If you answer it I'll stick you into a draw for a zero cost freebie programme to help you shed some fat

So... if we launched a basic entry level "Plump to Pump" Fat Loss Programme (guys only) @ £150 per month (90 days programmes) would you be interested in being one of the 1st to test drive it @ £97 per month?

Simple that's it.

Just reply A, B, C (with comments) or even D

A: Yes, definitely interested in the entry level Plump to Pump Fat Loss Programme

B: No Thanks, my current workouts and diet get me all the results I need

C: What I really need is a proven training and nutrition system in place for faster and better results

D: I'm not interested in investing in myself and only replying for the free prize draw

1st 25 replies go into the draw for the Free Training and Nutrition Programme.

Email: matt@frucifit.com

Speak soon,

Matt "craving a curry" Fruci

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