“I just want to enjoy my food”

^^ ever said that one before?

Me too.

And at Fruci Fit

We really do want you to enjoy your food.


A lot of people THINK they may not be able to do Fruci Fit as they want to enjoy their food.

Thing is, what does ‘enjoy’ actually mean?

Snacking before dinner?

Not being hungry at your evening meal because of the snacking?

You see,

How hungry you are at a meal

Can also help you enjoy your food more.

So when I get messages from people who are more in tune with their body and hunger.

Who maybe have finally started leaving food if they are not hungry (even if they were brought up having to finish their dinner << me included with this and I still struggle now, but feel so much better, and less bloated if I simply eat until satiety)

It actually makes me more happy than many wins about weight loss and fitness.


Because it is these such skills which I know will lead to SUSTAINABLE results


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