“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” 

^^ Next time you hear that, ask “What is breakfast and why is it important?”

It might just get you thinking critically and differently…


You will see just how different everyone is, with their interpretation and habits. 

Some may say it is a bowl of cereal at 7am to ‘kickstart their metabolism’ 

Another might say have porridge to ‘lower their cholesterol and keep them full”

Another might have Shreddies to keep them locked up until lunch..

Another might have a fry up…and call it a ‘breakfast of champions’ 

another might skip breakfast to help them manage their food intake and calories.

Maybe they have a chicken and cheese salad

and say “I don’t have breakfast..”

yet they actually ‘break their fast’ at 12pm with their chicken and cheese salad. 

Key take home?

Context is key…

Breakfast is simply ‘breaking the fast’ 

(usually before 11am in the research)

But no matter what time, you are still essentially ‘breaking the fast’ 

And whether it is ‘important’ depends on what ‘important’ means to YOU.

If it is ‘fat loss’ then you should probably consider:

“Does eating breakfast make you eat more or less over the day?” If more calories, probably skip breakfast. If fewer calories, then have breakfast (maybe it stops you snacking) 

If ‘important’ is related more to exercise performance?

Then it may be a good idea to have breakfast (but just be wary of gut issues)

Matt ‘why is it important?’ Fruci

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