“I just eat when I have no energy”

So I spoke about being ‘mouth hungry’ the other day here. You know, where you’re not really hungry, but you still eat.

It was a bit like the other day when me and Mrs Fruci (and the 2 babies) went out for a 3 course meal…

and ended taking the cheeseboard back (babies were shattered)

But by the time ​​​​​​we got back?

I wasn’t even hungry, yet there was a cheeseboard staring at me…

and suddenly I was ‘mouth hungry’, picking at the Gouda

Before you know it? ​​​​​​

The cheeseboard is gone (oooops)

At the end of the day, it’s one meal though, right? ​​

And it’s a good lesson that when my environment does not match my goals?

All I am left with is willpower…

Which is a recipe for disaster (something I go over in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme)​​​​​​

But today..

I want to share something that comes up a lot with the ladies I work with::

“I feel I need to eat when I am low on energy and that’s when I end up grabbing anything”

And I get this…

In fact, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never been rushing around, looking to grab something, thinking that I need a pick me up…

Convincing myself that there is NO way I can give myself 5 minutes rest or break

Because I have this limiting belief that I must be super productive ​​​​and taking some time for me or rest means I am not doing all I can…

​​I’ll even convince myself that I don’t have time to sit down for 5 minutes…

Yet, in that 5 minutes I’ve just made a coffee, drank a coffee and eating 500 calories of food <<< which took 5 minutes  😱 ​​
And here’s the thing…

If you eat when you’re just feeling low on energy…

​​It might not actually be hunger…

And I can guarantee that most of the time it’s NOT..​​

So, remember what you already know…that’s usually where the answers are.

Literally, if you are in a place when you lose focus, falling behind, feeling like you are chasing your tail…

​​I have some advice for you:

slowing down and recovering HAS to be a critical part of your agenda…

Because if recovery is never planned into your life, week, day…

we burn out.

(I’ve been there, in fact, I love what I do so much I have to be quite careful how much I do…)​​

And if it is not scheduled, it doesn’t get done.

The problem with this?

Rest becomes a reward for hard work…

Instead of pre-requisite for great results and giving you the energy to make better decisions with your food, exercise and even life…

And – unfortunately – we can then be low on energy and actually undo a lot of our hard work anyway

​​​(with the decisions we make when we are tired..)

And this does not have to be complicated:

Here’s some things I do:

  1. Our month 2 minute daily challenge in our 4-Week Kickstart Programme <<< this can be enough to change your state, metabolism, mood. the fact you have DONE something for you is enough to get your momentum going
  2. 5 minutes of deep breathing / shut eye 
  3. A nap
  4. A walk
  5. A coffee on my own
  6. Sauna
  7. A Bath

I’ll even tell Mrs Fruci sometimes that I’m just going to have 5 minutes for some rest

​​(funny thing is, she actually has got to the stage where she can see how much it improves my energy and mood. And it might seem selfish, but that 5 minutes completely changes what I do for the rest of the day for me, my family, work, amazing clients and what I produce <<< which is my ‘job’)

I prefer to structure one of these during the day to RECHARGE me…maybe that’s because I work early and late with a gap during the day for daddy day care

​​(I often start at 5am and finish at 9pm)

​​​but it means I actually feel like I start again (‘energy wise’) in the afternoon. 

I can’t describe it…

you probably have to do it to feel the benefit. 

Whether it’s the challenge, a walk, a nap, deep breathing or a mixture. 

Remember that rest is a pre-requisite for energy, feeling better and exceptional performance…

and NOT a reward for hard work (maybe that’s where such negative relationships with food come from…who knows?)

Like anything…

​​You can’t THINK your way out of a bad situation.

Doing crushes anxiety, but only 110% of the time 💪

Changing habits goes a little like this:

Thoughts / beliefs >>> feelings >>> Action >>> results

And if you know what to do but still struggle to take action?

Question your thoughts. Are they even yours? Are they someone else’s insecurities? Fears? Someone else telling you what you should do?

And know that YOU are in control of how you feel…

​​as how you feel is simply the meaning that you attach to a situation 🥳 

​​no matter what anyone says or does to you, it’s still on you as to how you feel…

Remember this? And you can’t fail..🔥

One last thing…

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