“I’m mouth hungry, not tummy hungry”

You know something I’ve realised these last few months?

Just how easily influenced I can be .

Not by these Facebook and Instagram foodies selling detox diets …

But by…

A kettle and food…

You see, when I work from home 

I get barely anything done.

Even if I’m home alone and there’s no babies in the house.

It’s like I can’t start anything new without a fresh cup of coffee 😂😂

I procrastinate big time…

What does this tell me?

Well, when your environment opposes your goals, 

all I am left with is my willpower. 

And let’s be honest,

That makes it pretty hard to win…

And easy to fail and beat yourself up…

Willpower is a limited resource that gets lower and lower throughout the day

(Probably why eating and drinking in the evenings is such a big obstacle to losing weight)
So what have I done to help my willpower?

Aligned my environment with what I want to happen.

I want to work more productively so I can not just help more people with their food and exercise habits  

But also get back and play with my daughters…😃

So I go and work solidly in a coffee shop with no distractions….

I even turn Facebook off 😱😱😱 

for a few minutes at least haha I can only go so long without watching random videos of cats playing the piano and labradors eating their dinner with a fork…

But my point is this:

What if instead of beating yourself up for not doing what you said you would do every Monday 

With your exercise and food habits…

What if you set up your environment so you didn’t have to use willpower?

Here’s some ideas:

✅ keep precut fruit and veg in the middle shelf of the fridge (you’re 3 times more likely to eat the 1st thing you see rather than the 5th…great for fridge raiding)

✅ you locked your biscuits and chocolate in the garage in the evening and gave the key to your other half (or better…don’t buy them )

✅ keep a water bottle within arms reach 

✅ make sure biscuits in the office are also more than 6 feet away from you 

Even if it helps you make one better decision..

Progress is progress 😃

All you need to do is focus on going from A to B

That’s the secret to losing some weight, dropping a few dress sizes and keeping it off (without it seeming like some big commitment)


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