Bacon Sandwich?

No, I’m not talking about the time me and one of the ladies just starting on our 4-Week Kickstart Programme met up for a Full English and a bacon sandwich 

To discuss the exact steps to helping her lead a healthier, happier lifestyle

(which I didn’t do this weekend with our October 4-Week Kickstart Programmes now underway and closed until November so if you want more info on our November programme just reply to this email)

I am actually talking about 

the headlines last week about processed red meat being 

‘back on the menu’…

Well, as you can imagine

This causes a lot of confusion.

Like, one minute they tell you not to eat it because it causes cancer…

And the next?

You can eat it…

The truth?


Wait for it..

“Living Increases Risk Of Cancer”

^^ Yep, read that again..

The longer you live, the more likely you are to get cancer.

What does this mean?

Well, everything is a ‘risk’..

Be it

Eating red meat

Crossing the road

Texting whilst driving


Skipping on sleep

Lack of exercise

And even

Eating vegetables <<< Yep, there is even an association between high intakes of vegetables and colon cancer.

What am I saying here?

Well, just because there is an association

It doesn’t mean it will CAUSE something..

And actually

Getting anxiety about eating ‘bad’ foods, stressing about social events and feeling guilty about falling off the wagon (again)

Is probably more harmful for your health

Than eating a bit of bacon or some raw broccoli…

And – in my opinion – we need to be wary of so-called ‘tribes’ in the diet industry

That have such strong beliefs that they only really see what they want to see…

Put it this way,

You have one group self-funding movies and investing millions in ‘fake meat’ alternatives whilst saying 

the Dairy and meat industry just trick you into thinking you need it for protein and it’s all marketing…

WHILST at the same time self-funding a movie to promote their own ‘fake meat’ product that they invested millions in?

And that’s fine..

But hypocritical, don’t you think?


My point in all of this is that the problem with a lot of the research into red meat

Is often that the saturated fat is grouped with trans fats and other junk foods.

For example,

Wouldn’t you agree that there is a difference between 

  1. eating a Big Mac, fries and a large coke, never exercising, maybe smokes, poor sleep.


  1. eating a lean steak with veggies, regular exercise, doesn’t smoke, good sleep etc…

Yep, but unfortunately 

A lot of the studies are ‘observational’

Which means they just ask people

“how often do you eat red meat?’

And IF the person can actually remember accurately

They will give an answer..

But quite often

We do not know the type of red meat (you know, lean steak or Big Mac and fries haha)

We do not know how often they exercise…

I could go on.

It’s a similar thing that happened with saturated fat.

How we no know that saturated fat maybe isn’t quite as bad as first thought..


And there we are thinking we are doing great eating our Kellogg’s ‘healthy wholegrain’ Corn Flakes fortified with vitamins…

And I am not saying I don’t have my biases.

We are all biased.

But it is having the self awareness to see that.

In fact, this is something we go over with the ladies inside our programme 

To help with comfort eating and snacking…


I will share this one last point..

In that when they actually do more controlled studies..

With good quality red meat…

They actually seem find positive findings.

For example, one study of women aged 60-90 years old

Had higher protein diets with the majority of the protein coming from lean red meat

And found that they:

Increased their strength and muscle significantly which is – of course – important for maintaining independence as we age, avoiding falls and having a better quality of life.

DECREASED their inflammatory markers (from eating red meat….WOW)

And saw NO CHANGE in their blood pressure and cholesterol 

^^^ again, something they scare us with about eating red meat.


I am not saying this means eat a ton of red meat..

It just means that nothing is inherently ‘bad’..

Everything has it’s risks.




Crossing the road

I could go on..


Instead of demonising ‘bad’ foods

And spending the majority of your precious life beating yourself up for having a bad day…

Just ask this question:

What am I excited about today?

And see if that changes your energy

Helps you focus

And gives you energy to actually make today a better day

Rather than stressing about what’s best…

As I can guarantee that

if you just did what you already knew 

you’d be closer to the results you want in how you want to look and feel

(which is often where accountability comes in to help you do this)

Matt ‘bacon sandwich?’ Fruci

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