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I have no motivation to do it at home?

Here’s what Kate said yesterday after our song challenge workout:

“I didn’t think I would say this but I’m liking Zoom lol”

Here’s what Hazel said:

“I did Jessy’s lunchtime session today after doing Chloe’s Pilates this morning – both were great fun but not sure I’ll be able to move tomorrow so no chance of breaking lockdown . Thanks for being so flexible with the classes Matt!”

And here’s what Angela said:

“Thanks Matt. It all sounds great. I was only saying to my husband that I wished I had joined when I first saw your facebook ad during the first lockdown, but was not necessarily saying I wanted to experience what I had missed! Look forward to joining some of the extra sessions.”

But I get it..

They probably all felt the same..

And I had a few messages this week on Facebook 

From a few ladies saying they would love to get involved with the 28 Day Kickstart during lockdown (message me with ’28 Day’ and I’ll get you the details by the way)

But they have no motivation doing it from home 

^^^ we are doing one to one in person by the way outside


The thing is,

Everyone says that.

That they feel they would not have the motivation to do it all from home. 

And I get it.

Especially with others in the house

Back to back meetings

Snacks laying around

Dark mornings and evenings

Worried about waking others up

That they just won’t do it

And then they will feel rubbish because they said they would but didn’t 

^^^ so really, is it a fear of not following through? We would rather stay the same than risk feeling like we were not ‘perfect’?

I get it..

But here’s the thing

A few of the ladies also messaged me and told me to watch ‘The truth about your immune system’ last night on BBC..

Apparently, it was a good one and motivated a few of the ladies last night to really take control of their daily habits today. 

^^^ but I will watch it first…

I actually did a video on doing it from home (exercise and nutrition…what were you thinking I meant?)

Here on my Facebook yesterday (with a one minute workout):

Let’s go