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Why these goals always fail…

So I have finally got around to setting my outcomes for 2021..

And I am not done yet..

I like to spend quite a lot of time on this.

I know pretty much what I want..

But the mistake I have made many times in the past is this..

No, not motivation..

It’s not always to do with the ‘why’ AKA

Why you want to do this..

Whether it is losing weight 

Fitting into your favourite clothes

Worrying less about getting ill

Being able to do more with your grandkids 

Feeling proud and more confident 

That sense of achievement 

Sleeping better


I could go on..

The thing is with all the above

Is that they are very powerful..

And writing your key reasons down WILL increase your chances of success


There is another issue here

^^ Which I will be delving into inside our seminar tomorrow in the kickstart programme to help everyone get super clear on where they want to be and HOW

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The issue is that

Is has to be MEASURABLE..

Either with a number or a date.


Instead of “I want to get fitter”

Change it to

“I want to do 3 exercise sessions a week and 12 a month”

The difference here?

The second one is MEASURABLE

You can see what you have done or what you haven’t done.

Whereas if you just say “I want to get fitter”

You might even be doing well..

But you might just not know it..

Because your perception of succeed is now based on your mood, energy and how you feel


What is going on inside your head

Which is a lottery..

And before you know it

You’ve given up

Because you didn’t ‘see’ progress.

But how could you see progress

On a goal which is to ‘get fitter’?

Fitter compared to what?

To who?

By doing what?

That’s it for now..

If you’d like more info on our 28 Day Kickstart programme for ladies 40+

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Here’s what Nicola said after who’s just started her 28 Day Kickstart after hitting one of her sessions this week:

“Awesome!! that was tough, but goodness it has set me up for the day. Thanks Matt”

Here’s what Hannah said after our Benchmark workout (which is a great way to focus on YOU vs YOU and your progress:

“I was dreading that, but feeling great now, thank you!”