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How to make January your month

How important is your health to you?

Simple question..

And most of us (especially in this current climate)

Will say ‘very important’

Both mentally and physical. 


As we found in our Q and A inside our 28 Day Kickstart last night (reply with ’28 Day’ if you would like more info)

Their actions don’t always follow or match these words…

We say it is important..

But then something else is more important and comes up 

Meaning we don’t exercise and turn to eating / bingeing…

And when our actions don’t match our words,

This leads to frustration. 

Me included here. The number of times I have said “go to bed before 10pm” and failed with this is REALLY FRUSTRATING..

^^^ which is why I have explored this further and actually slightly tweaked this..more on this another day

Good intentions are often set:

“ I will start exercising soon”

“I will get to bed by 10pm once work calms down”

“I’ll lose weight once this lockdown is over”

But the reality – as I have found with me sleep habit – is that the ‘soon’ and ‘next month’ comes and goes and 


And the reasons are REAL reasons. They are not just excuses:

“Teaching kids from home” <<< challenging (which is why we help you fit it into your routine)

“I can’t exercise from home” <<< I get this. Following on from home with no accountability is hard. That is why we set you a plan with workouts to do LIVE with us which we hold you accountable for. You can of course do it on catch up when suits you too

“It’s Winter and too cold outside” <<< we are doing one to one outside but all of Kickstart 28 Programme is done from the comfort of your home right now. 

“I don’t have any exercise equipment “ (you can do all of our workouts with no equipment)

And although not just ‘excuses’ 

What we then do is a CHOICE. 

We pretend (me included here)

That if only it was convenient, we would be exercising and eating healthy…

The good news?

We can make it convenient (that part is a choice).

How do I know?

Well, I speak to some ladies exercising daily

Cutting down their wine to two nights a week

Feeling in control of their snacking.

And on paper…their circumstances are the same.

Same situation 

Different actions. 

They never thought they could do a Zoom or Facebook live workout ..

They’re trying to swap old habits of snacking rather than just letting work takeover..

They’re battling with the relief of ‘giving up’ where you get that little relief / comforting feeling…but then that frustration sets in again 

But this group are still thriving…

They’re staying positive and calm.

Getting fitter and stronger.

Noticing their more toned arms and legs

And even getting looks from their family who cannot believe they are doing it ☺

And the energy and enthusiasm is contagious with their family. Some even join in on our song challenges. 

Perhaps even more important?

They sleep better because their actions are congruent with their intentions.

And that feels amazing.

Doing what you said you would do.

As let’s face it, everyone knows what to do .

There are loads of workouts out there already.

Loads of diets out there .

But we still don’t do them…

We say we will do it

We say it is important 

But don’t do it.

And I know it is easy to get stuck in a rut..

In fact, that’s why we focus so much on accountability and support. 

Focus so much on reminding you why you really want to be healthy.

Who benefits from you doing this?

And the point of this message today 

Is to help you if you’re struggling with that one step..

Yes, it is great to drop a dress size and notice your clothes fitting better.

But it’s all of the other stuff, too..

Feeling more optimistic about the future and confident with yourself. 

Getting through this 3rd lockdown is mentally draining – unless you work on yourself and how to remain positive.

So you can look back with that sense of achievement in a few months time …

That you got 2021 off to an amazing start..

And controlled what you can. 

If you struggle to do this kind of stuff on your own, 

Send over a message and we’ll see if we can help.