Not bad going for 4 weeks in

So I just got this message from one of the ladies who’s 4 weeks in to her Fit For Life Body Transformation:

“Although I struggled tonight so glad I come.

After 4 weeks I’ve lost 3 inches off my waist, 2.5 chest, and 2 inches from my hips.

as well as that, my sugar levels have halved.

So all in all, not bad going really 😁

And the reason I’m sharing this with you today is to say that you do NOT have to feel super happy and motivated, dance around in lycra (nothing against lycra), and sing ‘can you feel it’ by Jackson Five to show off to everyone how much energy you have…every blooming day.

The way I see it, to make your body and mindset transformation become a way of life, you’ll go through these 5 stages:

1) Excitement – maybe you get inspired a picture you see that makes you excited about trying something new / different to kickstart your weight loss this Summer

2) Motivation – You now start to feel a bit motivated. But this comes in waves and sometimes you ‘struggle’..which is where STEP 3 comes in…

3) Support and Accountability Being surrounded by like-minded ladies and having someone you are accountable to, be it a family member, friends, or anyone, can give you the discipline to do the things you know you need to do to get the things you say you want even when you don’t want to…so they become…

4) Habits – and this is where the magic happens. You start to do the things that get results almost on auto-pilot so it becomes a way of life. Your biggest challenge here? Self sabotage. It almost becomes ‘too easy’ at this point so you think ‘F it…

^^^ this is where Step 3 comes in handy…

5) FUN- now this doesn’t happen for everyone. You may never enjoy this healthy eating and fitness stuff. After all, I don’t enjoy exercise, I just enjoying having exercised and how it makes me feel. In other words, I enjoy having exercised rather than doing it.

But make it fun?

And you are more likely to stick to it WITHOUT relying on willpower, temporary inspiration or excitement…

You see, the ladies on my Fit For Life Body Transformation programme will tell you now that they don’t have any special willpower or anything like that. 

The secret to all of this?

Personalising the plan for you!

Which brings me to the 7-Day Free trial that I’m opening up for 10 ladies to start on Monday 21st May.

Why for free?

Well, I figured that if I can show you that there is a better, more enjoyable, and more sustainable way to lose weight and tone up, that you’ll tell other ladies and help me spread my message…

Click below to learn more:

Matt ​​

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