How to silence the F it mindset…

It’s Monday

‘Start today’

‘Feeling motivated’

I get it.

By Wednesday

Life starts to takeover

That Monkey on your shoulder starts to question whether you can do it…

‘What’s the point?”

“I can’t so X because of [insert obstacles and challenges]”

So we do nothing

Fall into the F it mindset

Start again next [insert day here]

So this week,

Can I challenge you to think differently?

Rather than comparing to your best day..

Compare what you COULD do today (even on your worst day, no matter how insignificant the habit seems) to what you would do if you accepted the ‘F it’ / ‘Sod it’ mindset

^^ read that again

Then make a choice

Because the better you get at responding (rather than REACTING) to obstacles and challenges

The more sustainable your results will be.

Which is exactly what we help you do in our 100 Day Challenge

Specifically for women 40+, 50+, 60+ an 70+

Who pretty much know what to do 

But want the plan and accountability to do it

(as you only get results for done)

Reply with ‘100’ and I will get you the details

Matt ‘on your shoulder, routing for you’ Fruci

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