What Julie Said On Facebook

So Julie put this post below in our private group for our programme

And -even Julie- was amazed at the response she had from the other ladies.

It seemed to HUGELY resonate…

Anywhere, I thought more ladies could benefit from hearing this…

So Julie said it was OK to share with you.

Here it is:

“Sat in Edinburgh airport I just wanted to share this….. it’s a year since I joined Fruci Fit and it’s been a journey.

I didn’t realise til this morning how powerful Matt’s subliminal messaging & approach is……. & that if you open your mind to it you CAN achieve success.

Why this morning did I think this? I’m back on tour (AKA travelling extensively for work) = Dundee today. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

😱A year ago I’d be grumbling to Matt…..

‘it was all very well saying eat healthily but when in the arse end of no where (I’m often in areas where there’s a kebab, pub & not much else)

So how was healthy possible, particularly when menus consist of 💩 & chips.’

No matter what suggestions Matt made I just rejected these cos I didn’t BELIEVE them possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I embraced all the suggestions when in the comfort of home,

but the one place I saw as difficult, challenging I rebelled like a petulant child.🤬

Matt talks about being consistent & persistent = DO… EVIDENCE….. RESULTS…. REPEAT (sorry probably got that bit wrong) & positive things start to happen…. & they did.

But when travelling & away from home = eating was still quite rubbish .

Now increasing my protein has been a real winner… less hunger 👏👏. It’s been a real saviour on my journey + hearing how other ladies used them.

Today for first time I applied that learning in earnest as I returned to being away…..

I packed a pot with protein powder, flax seed, oats + at breakfast got some milk, berries, yoghurt = filling which has kept me going whilst dashing…… attending back to back meetings all day, jumping in and out of taxis, 🚂 and ✈️.

Amazing why was my default
‘that won’t work’….. ‘can’t do that’…..?

Why do we see the impossible rather than MAKE it possible?

Have I eaten rubbish today = no & whilst I don’t get home til midnight tonight I’ll have at least eaten healthily.

don’t wait a year to open your mind and MAKE it happen”


Well done, Julie.

But the most powerful part for me?

“Amazing why was my default
“that won’t work”…… “I can’t do that”……?”

True, right?

How often do we dismiss change

Perhaps because it’s scary? Different?

As Julie says:

“Why do we see the impossible rather than MAKE it possible?”

So I’ll finish with Julie’s final message:

“don’t wait a year to MAKE it happen”

And if you’d like more info about our next 4-Week Kickstart Programmes in Marlborough and Burbage,

Just message me at matt@frucifit.com with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details

And I’ll get you the details


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