‘I used to start my diet on January 2nd…

‘my mum and dad would invite me round of New Years Day

and there would lasagna, chicken fried in breadcrumbs…and also puddings

So I used to think ‘ah, I can’t start until January 2nd now’

^^^ and this exactly what a member on my body transformation programme mentioned to me last week. 

She would be waiting for that PERFECT moment <<< which doesn't exist by the way...


You will always have birthday parties to go to

^^^ As she did that same week with her daughter and friend…and show me a kids party without a cake?

You will always have social gatherings where you’ll be around a lot of food

And the guy at the petrol station will always offer you a £1 chocolate bar (I’m pretty sure that your iPad will be asking you this soon, too…)

You see, the moment you take responsibility

and know that you are in control

^^^ Rather than blaming your loved ones for inviting you out for food and drink….

Is the most empowering and liberating thing you can do that will help you lose weight and keep it off

And once you have the tools to know how you CAN enjoy your favourite foods (yes, lasagna) and drinks (including Prosecco)…

Without piling the pounds back on…

I can guarantee that you’ll be whole lot close to fitting into your favourite clothes than if you were still waiting for that ‘perfect’ moment. 

And just like Dr Aner Tal says (very smart guy who researches WHY we eat)….

You can stop ‘relying on willpower’ 

And blaming yourself for giving up on another 3-day diet cleanse

By understanding that as much as you think what you do is a rationale, conscious decision…

Your food choices are often NOT

They’re mainly just REACTIONS to your environment. 

But what if you could set up your environment to WIN?

Discover how you include the foods and drinks you love and still lose weight?

Feel in control at social events and aware of exactly what you’re doing?

Well, this is exactly what we go through in my amazingly simple Female Fat Loss Mastery programme

Because deprivation (the pain of giving up all your favourite foods forever) will nearly always backfire…

Matt ‘can I offer you a £1 chocolate bar?’ Fruci

PS. here’s the link to apply for Female Fat Loss Mastery: https://frucifit.com/fatlossmastery/ (applications close Sunday January 15th)

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