I didn’t listen…

So this weekend my wife was back home from seeing her parents for a few days (as it was school holidays and she's a teacher).

Being the "foodie" that I am, I suggested we go out for a meal to catch up.

We ended up going to for tapas (No. 48 Tapas and Grill in Marlborough, if you're wondering)

Great food, great atmosphere...and A LOT OF CHOICE.

Olives, anchovies, paella, seafood, spanish omelettes, steak, mushrooms, spinach <<< too much good food!

I'd noticed just how UNFUSSY I'd become.

^^^ Which depending on how you view your relationship with food, can be a GOOD or a BAD thing.

Why am I saying this?

Well a client of mine (her names Heather by the way) told me last week about the struggles she had when she first start doing the stuff that helps you lose weight and tone up.

^^^ this "stuff" being...not giving up foods, eating balanced portions, and ENJOYING food again.

"I didn't listen to my body" were her exact words.

She would eat when she thought she should eat rather than when she was hungry".

Breakfast...time to eat

10am...time for a snack?

12pm....time for lunch?

323pm... Jane's birthday cake at work!

5pm...picking at snacks


8pm...picking / snacking in front of the TV <<< FEELING HUNGRY!

And it was these RIGID times of eating that meant Heather was HUNGRY in the evening.

It meant she didn't SLEEP very well.

She was tired the next day.

And her hunger hormones would be telling her to EAT EAT EAT!

Sound familiar?

Like myself, Heather prefers to eat more in the evening when she can sit down with family, relax and unwind in front of the TV, and ENJOY her food.

But her previous beliefs about eating at set times meant this would mean she would overeat and feel guilty or go to bed hungry and have a poor nights sleep

^^^ and end up feeling groggy and moody the next day (Just like I did...and then take it out on the wife!!!)

But now, Heather is in tune with her body.

Through her experience on The Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme, Heather discovered the tips and tricks to eat when she's hungry, learnt how to distinguish between hunger and thirst, and gained the confidence to choose nutritious meals that energise the body and keep you full and more satisfied for longer!

^^^ And this has allowed her to target the stubborn fat she couldn't lose at Slimming World!

But the most important thing of all?

Heather now eats carbs before bed to help her sleep (she was terrified of this before) and can enjoy family time in the evening with a "guilt-free" glass of wine!

The downside?

She needs a new summer wardrobe!

​Speak soon,


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