4 Ways To “Stop Beating Yourself Up”

My story started when I was a kid.

Being surrounded by people "dieting", I could sense a "need" to "look good".

And I don't think I've ever worked with a female (or a male) who is completely satisfied with the way they look.

^^^ Isn't this sad?

You could have dropped a dress size, be eating more than ever, and be getting compliments from friends and family left, right, and centre yet...

"I just want to a flat(ter) stomach"

"I want (more) shapely legs"

"I need to lose 5 (more) pounds"

I guess it's good to set new goals and have desires.

It gives us some drive and motivation.

But there's a fine line between becoming obsessive (and letting your perception of the 'perfect body' impact how you think and feel about yourself everyday) and just having a goal that you're striving to achieve (e.g. a lean body, more energy and more confidence <<< which is generally a very healthy goal to have).

So, here's 4 strategies that can help you to "stop beating yourself up":

1. Listen to yourself -

What is it you actually want right now?

Our thoughts are filled with beliefs, fears and values of those around us.


Be the best version of you and no one else!

Take a step back and set some goals (be it for your body, career, or relationships).

Ask yourself -

- Where do you want to be in 90 days time?

- To get there, where would you have to be in 60 / 30 days times (benchmarks)?

- Why wouldn't you achieve this? (what fears do you have to overcome / what stories do you need to forget)?

^^^ Are these stories even real?

2. Understand that the scales don't tell the whole story -

Try not to JUST use the scales as an indicator of YOU.

Daily fluctuations, hormones, food and water intake, time of day, stress, weather, muscle...can all impact the number on the scales.

If you were walking along the beach and feeling confident in your favourite swimwear, would you really care how much you weighed?

Plus, remember that getting "toned" means losing FAT and increasing muscle, which technically means that having JUST a "weight loss" goal could be misleading when tracking progress as muscle weighs more.


Assess how your clothes fit...you might not have lost much weight, but have you dropped a dress size?

3. Get in tune with your body -

Your body WANTS to be nourished. If you're constantly dieting, perhaps you need a break?

Diet breaks can actually boost your metabolism, help nourish the body, give you more energy, and get you on track to get that "toned" look!

4. Celebrate what your body can do -

Could it be that your body is craving energy from...exercise.

Walks, jogs, cycles, resistance exercise etc...These all make you fitter, stronger and faster.

This can help you shift the focus away from just "weight" and towards the everyday benefits you're now getting:

- You're no longer out of breath walking up stairs

- Carrying bags has become easier

- You're sleeping better and have more energy (so you can be more productive with your time and spend more time with family and friends)

And it just might be that with the right training and nutrition, you achieve your goals in the process...

^^^ And enjoying the PROCESS is what it's all about.

So, happy hump day!

Be proud of yourself and be the best version of you (and no one else!).

Speak tomorrow,

Matt "enjoying the process" Fruci

PS. I'll be talking a bit more about why you should STOP dieting soon!

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