4 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting Fat On Holiday

It's simple.

You just exercise everyday, don't eat your favourite foods and have a boring holiday.


Holiday is a time to relax, unwind, and have memorable moments with those that mean the most to you!

Mojitos by the pool.

Enjoying all the great, local foods.

And the chances are, you want to look your best and feel confident when you're on the beach or sitting by the pool.

So, it's no wonder that we look to shed some belly fat before we go on holiday (something I'm going to be doing before my trip to cornwall with the wife and in-laws...whilst eating a chocolate bar everyday!).

^^^ BUT how we go about this strategy is key to not getting fat and putting on MORE WEIGHT than we lose in the first place.

You see, 3-4 years ago, I would give up foods, cut carbs, and do a ton of cardio (and I would also advise others to do the same).

^^^ Yet, this is a recipe for fat REGAIN!

The massive swing - going from loads of exercise + undereating TO little exercise + overeating (cocktails and ice cream) -"shocks" our metabolism and we simply can't handle it.

So, we put on weight, feel depressed and start dieting AGAIN when we're back!

^^^ And the vicious cycle continue.

Point is, we're never in control of our eating and how we look.

So here's 4 strategies you can utilise to NOT get fat on holiday (or even lose 1/2 kg like my client Paul did after 2 weeks drinking vodka and enjoying all the local Polish food):

1- Make sure your "diet" ends 1-2 weeks before your holiday -

What I mean is that you want to actually start eating (slightly) more and doing (slightly) less cardio in the few weeks before your holiday.

This allows your metabolism to adapt and can prevent rapid weight gain!!!

2- Go Explore -

Get walking. No, you don't NEED a gym. Go explore the local areas and - if possible - avoid taxis and public transport.

When on my honeymoon in the Caribbean last year, I don't think we would have seen such beautiful places if it wasn't for some of the walking (and bike tours) we did.

If you must do some exercise, do a hotel room workout: squats, lunges, jumping jacks, and leg raises (perhaps followed by a run if you like)?

3- Think "full" and "satisfied" -

It can be difficult to get enough protein in when you're away (unless you're all-inclusive) but it will help keep you full and satisfied. Lean meats, fish, beans etc. (accompanied with fruit and veggies for your fibre and don't forget WATER).

4- Eat less often but when you do...GO BIG -

This strategy is useful for when you're exploring and out and about. For example, you might have a big, satisfying breakfast with your favourite pastries but then not eat again until the evening where you indulge in some local food, cake, and cocktails (obviously).

But, by not picking throughout the day and sticking to "usual" meal times (e.g. lunch), it means you can still enjoy your favourite food and drinks and minimise the possibility of overeating.

Finally, don't stress too much.

If you take one thing from this, make it point number 1 <<< finish your diet 1-2 weeks before your holiday to help your metabolism adapt.

And don't forget that you're on holiday to enjoy yourself and create memorable moments that you'll cherish forever.

So, don't skip the mojito and in the words of my client, Paul:


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