I couldn’t fit them over my bum

I think I must have tried on about 5 pairs of trousers

3 waistcoats

2 suit jackets

and 2 shirts..

32 tailored?

too tight around the thighs (didn’t even get to the bum)

34 stretch fit?

Too tight around my thighs

36 tailored?

Fits around the thighs…but now I look like one of those Biggest Loser adverts where I’m holding a pair of baggy trousers

You see, I’ve got the honour of being best man for my friends wedding coming up in April

So we had a suit fitting the other day

Now bare in mean I pretty much live in lounge pants / tracksuit bottoms 

I had ZERO idea what size waist, length, chest, collar I was

Or even how tight they should feel.

The last suit I bought was for my own wedding (in 2014)

Tailored to my needs…

So it actually got over my thighs and bum 🙂

What’s this go to do with anything?

Well, it’s no different when trying to lose some weight, get fit and find a plan that works for you.

After all, I’m guessing you know what to do but struggle with time, fitting it in, and perhaps having enough energy and motivation to do it!

And this is where you have to remember that PRACTICAL beats PERFECTION

Its not about being perfect or having the perfect plan

Is simply about building one that you can stick

Which helps you get stronger and fitter

Allows you to still eat the foods you love 

Gives you options to eat on the go for when life gets busy (not perfect but practical is better…)

and make simple swaps to what you are currently doing so it doesnt seem like such a time-consuming thing

Oh…and not to mention having a bit of fun in the process.

This is probably why NEW diet and fitness books keep coming out…

Saying pretty much the same thing but with a different celebrity on

Because they simply don’t last as they’re not adaptable for your lifestyle.

Not to mention the fact that they probably make it overcomplicated

talking about purely sugar, carbs or fasting

Rather than the fact that these work because it helps you eat fewer calories. 

But finally

And this is probably the most important part of all of this:

Is it YOUR plan?

Because if isn’t? 

You’ll always find a reason why it won’t work for you

this is why I don’t just give you a plan..

and why we work on it together.

But even then

I can’t control what you do 24 hours a day

I can only give you the tools to do this better and make this healthy eating and fitness stuff easier

So you can rely less on willpower and maybe…just maybe…see the benefits that this health and fitness stuff can bring

Be it with making every day tasks like climbing stairs easier, being able to say ‘yes’ to more things you want to do OR just feeling more comfortable in the clothes you like

Matt ‘lounge pants’ Fruci

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