Friends, family and sabotage

One thing I hear a lot from the ladies on I work with in our initial one to one coaching session

Is how friends / family can sometimes make this healthy eating and fitness stuff more difficult

Like cakes in the office

Husband bringing home chocolates and cakes

Telling them ‘you’re lovely the way you are’

Now, I get that this is difficult,

Like, there’s a few things you can try  to counter this:

* Only eat out of crockery rather than the packet – This can prevent you from overeating (You know, the SEEfood diet) and help you lose fat

* Use a smaller plate / bowl / cutlery can make you spontaneously serve less << but don’t go too small…as then you may actually eat more to justify that you ‘used such a small plate’ AKA I’m not saying go eat your dinner off of a saucer 

*Give yourself UNCONDITIONAL PERMISSION to eat any food you like (even the biscuits) providing you fit it in to your nutrition strategy to create a calorie deficit)

But I get that even these don’t completely solve this obstacle.

So consider this:

Most people say they are unique. They are an individual..

Yet spend a lot of their energy complaining about what others say and do DIFFERENTLY to them 

AKA we say we are unique but then complain when others have different opinions or say different things to what we believe…

Crazy right?

And I guess it’s why having support from like-minded ladies has been so powerful inside our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

Just like Suzanne mentioned last week:

“I haven’t met you all yet as I’ve only been part of this for a month but it’s really changed my life!!!
By being part of this group we are all turning out goals into reality, in many different ways, with Matt keeping us motivated and determined”

​​​​And its because of messages like this that Ive just launched a brand new 4 week body transformation programme to help you get into the habits you need to get sustainable results 

Just like Cassie and Co HERE​​

If you’d like a bit more info about this?

Message me here with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the info ​​​for you.


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