I can’t stop eating

“I couldn’t stop eating”

^^ Even though they knew they didn’t want to and would feel rubbish after…

So why is this?

Well, your brain is hard wired to eat sugar, starch, salt, and fat (among other things) 

When you eat this stuff?

You get a ‘feel good’ / dopamine high. 

Which makes you motivated to go after this food AGAIN…

Your brain remembers the smell, taste, who you were with, where you were etc..

Which now become motivational cues…

Ever suddenly get hungry when you get in your car and drive home?

Me, too.

And every time you do this?

You become more motivated to do this…

Making it easier to overeat…

So what can you do?

here’s my advice. Try it if you like. Or feel free to ignore it. 

1. Just notice how you feel when you find yourself going to ‘comfort’ eat?

^^^ If it happens so quickly that you can’t, look back at your day. Did you have tension? Where did you feel it? What happened? Was it a build? Something you are procrastinating on? 

2. Notice if the ‘comfort’ eating eases the tension / urge you have, at least in the short term?

3. Does comfort eating  provide you with comfort or discomfort long term?

4. Do you know whether that urge to eat to feel better WILL actually pass if you let it? 

Not convinced? 

Well, wouldn’t it be fun to find out?

5. Did you know that every behaviour you do reinforces signals in your brain to make you want to prefer to do that behaviour again and again?

So, by comfort eating, am I telling my brain to want to do this more? Making it easier to do it again and again?

6. Going to a buffet? Walk around the buffet FIRST before picking up a plate

7. ​​​​Whilst you’re there at the buffet, stick to just a few different food items and go with them. The more variety, the more calories you will eat. Example: Let’s say you really fancy the chicken chow mein, just stick to that, rather than having a bit of different dishes…

Of course, its complicated.

But one thing we know for sure about us and why we truly get motivated to eat?

Is that if your beliefs were left out of your food choices, you will go for the foods with the highest calories  ​​​​​​​which require the least amount of effort to eat

(hence why I love peanut butter haha)

So a bonus tip is to make it DIFFICULT to get the foods that trigger your overeating.

Put the biscuit tin away?

Instead of buying peanut butter, buy monkey nuts?

Instead of buying big bags of crisps, buy smaller bags and only eat them from a bowl?

Keep veggies chopped and prepared in the fridge?

I could go on


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