Do fat burners help you lose weight fast?

So my daughter was having her nap the other day and I decided to go into "ultra productive" mode.

No, I didn't do the washing up...

I ground up my Waitrose 100% arabica decaffeinated coffee beans followed by my Columbian caffeinated coffee beans, separated them into two glass jars and then went to label them. Until...I noticed the dog with her head in the bin...munching on avocado skin <<< she's done worse.

I sort the dog out and then go back to my coffee...only to to forget which one is decaffeinated and which is caffeinated...

Since then? I honestly can't tell which one is caffeinated (although it's only been a few days).

My point?

You often have your coffee to give you that pick me up, right? Maybe one first thing to get you going, one mid morning to get you through those emails, and one 323pm to get you through the afternoon crash (often accompanied with sugar cravings)? I've been there, too. But how much of this is placebo? Habit?

^^^ placebo has officially been crowned the best supplement in the world by our friends In lab coats

Anyway, I'm here to tell you about 1 popular supplement that's so popular you wouldn't suspect it of being a cleverly marketed placebo....

It might even be in your "pill" cupboard right now.

So here is the supplement that's probably not worth all the rage...and is probably burning more of your cash than fat (just like a member on of my body transformation programme mentioned last week about how she'd had a gym membership for 3 years and didn't even realise it was still going out...):

*Fat Burners*

Even the mildly effective fat burner (caffeine) doesn't work as well as doing a few more steps and / or challenging your beliefs about so-called "bad" foods and behaviours around food (just like I teach you in my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System) so you can slow down, and build a more positive relationship with food.

The worst part?

They're loaded with so much caffeine you might get some sleep disruption << leading to more stress, an inability to make informed decisions about your food and lifestyle choices, feelings of being "out of control" and the dreaded eating your emotions cycle, which - of course - may lead to more weight gain

My advice?

Stick to your coffee rather than wasting your money on overpriced caffeine. After all, coffee drinkers live longer

Now, caffeine can curb your hunger and help you eat less (as can both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee) so it COULD help you lose weight short term.

But what happens when you stall?

More fat burning pills? More coffee or you'll have zero energy, poor sleep and end up being short with your loved ones?

And it's exactly why my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System gets you thinking differently about they way you diet.

So you can build a diet to last, fit back into your favourite clothes and have a bit of fun in the process.

Matt "getting you through your daily grind" Fruci
Fruci Fit
Helping Busy Think Differently About The Way They Diet And Get Their Bodies Back For Good

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