I ask this to my kids everyday

“Car Commmminnnnnggggg!!!” I shout at my kids at the top of my voice

Bringing back memories to my own childhood of playing in the street.

As me and the kids are on a bike ride.

Only this time

It looks like I shouted a bit too loud.

Instead of just pulling to the side like we have been done.

One the kids goes a bit too quickly

Into the stinging nettles…


Tears followed.

Red legs…

“It’s stinging”


A lovely dog walker came past

With a nice distraction and good reminder of energy flows where your attention goes..

As the tears slowed down after stroking the dogs haha

Anyway, we got a dock leaf, held it on, rubbed it on her leg…

And she couldn’t quite believe it was working…

(i think the placebo effect worked too as we called it…

The Dock-tor haha Dad jokes at their finest)


Why am I sharing this?

Well, that evening

Like every evening

I ask my kids:

What was your best part of today?

^^ as even the worst days have the best part and what you focus on grows, right?

And my daughter said:

“Not to the park when I feel in the stinging nettles”

To which I said:

“But you now know about Dock leaves and you can help your friends or yourself if it happens again or you see it happen..

So you would never have known about it if you wouldnt have fallen in the stinging nettles.

So surely falling in the stinging nettles was the best thing ;)”

I joked 

“We should fall in the stinging nettles more often” 

But my point here?

There is also a turnaround

As Byron Katie says: 

“It’s not the problem that causes our suffering; it’s our thinking about the problem.”

And when you think about how ‘stress’ / mindless eating 

Can impact our results?

What if we were more aware of our response to negative thoughts? 

And it’s these types of things

To help you create a more positive relationship with food

That we help you with in our 100 Day Challenge

(Last chance to join our 100 Day Challenge is next week, message me with ‘100’ and I will get you the details)

Matt ‘car coming’ Fruci

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