Easy on-the-go snack ideas

Now, if you were to plan your meals, have some rules where you don’t eat on-the-go and only eat when sat down (so you’re more aware and enjoy your meals) you’ll probably fare better over time. 

But life sometimes gets in the way, so here are some quick and easy snack / meal ideas for on the go. 

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The key things are to consider: 

“What’s the alternative?”

 “What’s going to keep me full up?”

“Can I get some protein in?”

“How much nutrition can I get from these snacks?” 

“How many calories am I spending for how full I will feel and how much protein I will get?”

And is my decision taking me closer or further away from the things I say I want? 

(something we talk a lot about in our 100 Day Challenge Programme)

Matt ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Fruci

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