How to stop picking 🍬

You know that time when you start to get a bit of a dip in energy  (about 3pm onwards)…you’re debating whether you’re hungry or just need another coffee / sugary pick me up?

Your brain is screaming at you for energy. Sleep is what it needs but that is obviously not possible at this time.

Even with your BEST intentions?

the bag of crisps and chocolate are gone.  😱

You’re not alone, here. Its actually THE biggest obstacle I see working with other ladies and experience myself.

You see, when I’m feeding my daughter her dinner (around 5pm), we don’t ALWAYS eat together. I mean sometime, me and Mrs Fruci like to sit down later on and relax whilst we eat.

But what this means is that whatever my daughter has leftover?

I can’t help but pick at. To the extent that sometimes, I’m not hungry for tea…but eat it anyway 😂 recipe for disaster…

But you know ONE thing that can really help (and is research proven)?

Chewing gum.

Whether you’re shopping when hungry, preparing food for later, surrounded by biscuits and cakes at work or feeding the little one and faced with leftovers haha

It has been shown to help you eat less, almost blocking the emotional  high we associate with eating.

You’ve tried brushing your teeth then drinking orange juice before, right?


So, give this a try.

don’t like chewing gum?

Brush your teeth. At worst, you’ll get a stick and a lollipop for your dentist 😉

I know this might sound really simple. Almost so simple that you think ‘it won’t work for me;’

But that’s kind of how we get the results and body transformations that LAST in the Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

By keeping it simple. Having a plan and being accountable.

Want to learn more about how you can simplify this weight loss and toning up stuff without going to a sweaty gym or counting calories?

Click below and have a read of some of the transformational stories from the other amazing ladies using my Nutrition and Fitness System:

Speak soon,


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