Are Sweeteners Worse For You? 🤔

So, if you missed my ramble yesterday on how I stop ‘picking’ and finishing off my daughter’s leftover over food, you can read that here..

But one of the questions I got on the back of this was:

‘I like diet drinks, like coke and fanta, should I be worried about sweeteners? they stop me picking but I’ve read  they’re full of crap and worse for you?”

Well, I’m just going to tell you what the science says, NOT my opinion.

They gave 18-60 year olds 1050mg of aspartame AKA  which is equivalent to about 6 cans of diet coke a day for 12 weeks and found:  

1) No impact on appetite as some people say

2) No impact on blood sugar levels or impact on insulin levels (which can be predictors of Type 2 diabetes)

Suggesting that if a diet / sugar free drinks stops you losing control and having your head in the biscuit tin?

It’s perfectly safe.

In fact, it will probably help you lose weight, lose fat around your organs (which reduces your chances of conditions like Type 2 diabetes) and improve your health…

Which is what they show when they look at people trying to lose weight WITH improvements in their habits, such as accountability, exercise, and support. 

Now, I’m not saying sweeteners are healthy. They contain ZERO nutrition. And – of course – water is better than any diet drink. Common sense will tell you that. 

But it’s not always as easy as ‘drink more water and you’ll cure all of your cravings’.

Finding a weight loss plan that you can stick to so you can keep the weight off is about personalising it for YOU.

Which means making the smallest step you can make TODAY. If that mean curbing your biscuit tin rampage with a sugar free drink? Then go for it.

At the end of the day, overeating sugar is killing more of us than sweeteners, that’s for sure.

Speak soon ,


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​Matt teaches you how to prepare balance meals eating the foods you love and there is no such thing as a bad food. It is amazing how your mindset changes as this is worked on too. This is now a way of life for me and not another diet.

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​​ If you’re looking for a different approach to losing weight without counting calories, syns or points, I’d highly recommend you give this a try. You won’t be disappointed!

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