How to get my head back in the game after eating $#*!

Got this message the other day:

“How do I get my head back in the game. I can’t stop eating $#*!”

Just thought I’d share this convo I had:

Because ‘comfort eating’ (which should probably actually be called ‘discomfort eating’) is something we’ve all done.

​​​ something I’ve struggled with. Eating shit, overthinking stuff…etc.

But when it comes down to it, it really is as simple as answering the following questions (please take time to do this over and over again and you’ll find the answer):

1)Why am I avoiding THIS healthy eating stuff? What pleasure do I get from NOT eating healthy stuff? what pleasure are you getting from NOT eating healthy?

Example answers: I THINK the food makes me feel a bit better? I’m not going to feel shit if I don’t get results and have tried hard.

2) what pain am I avoiding by not eating healthy?

Example: avoiding pain of having to sit down and plan my food. Avoiding the pain of having be in my own company rather than distract myself with food?

3) what’s it costing you doing this?


Feeling confident in your favourite clothes..having more energy, weight loss, getting rid of stubborn fat, feeling better about yourself, confidence from doing something and take control. Showing my kids confidence. Inspiring them.

4) what’s the benefit? The pleasure of doing it?
I’ll prove to myself I can do it. I’ll be healthier, fitter, be doing the things I want to do, sleeping better, less time worrying and stressing about my health, enjoy shopping, be proud of myself. Be around for my kids / grandkids. Reduce risk of diabetes and other health conditions, blood pressure etc.


5) when are you going to do it? What are you going to do?

And I just want to finish off with this quote from Mark Twain:

“in 20 years, you will be more disappointed by what you didn’t do than by what you did​​”


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