Short on time? Try this..

“I don’t have time”

“I am not sure if I can fit it all in”

“Will I be able to make the most of it”

We totally get that at Fruci Fit.

And I want to remind you today 

That we don’t just get it because we ‘think’ that small habits helps

But because the research shows this too.

In fact, just a recent systematic review looking at the research on blood pressure and exercise showed that even a 2 minute wall sit was effective at reducing blood pressure.

Exciting, right?

Now of course, it doesn’t mean that 2 minutes is all you will ever need.

But what it does mean 

Is like anything 

There is the law of diminishing returns.


The biggest benefit you get from most things comes from the FIRST step.

Whether that is the first 3000 steps of 10000 steps.

Going from 1 veg a day to 3 veg a day

The enjoyment of the first biscuit compared to the 6th biscuit.

Or even a 2 minute wall sit.

The first step gives you the biggest benefit. 

So my challenge for you today?

Try this Wall Sit, even for 10, 20 seconds.

And I break this down for you below so you know the technique and how to take the pressure off your joints:

Hope this helps


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