How to set yourself up to lose

“Every baby is different”

“they all walk at their own pace and get there eventually. By first didn’t walk until 19 months. My second was walking at 8 months…)

A few conversations I’ve been having with some others about how my daughter ‘kind of’ walks but then decides to crawl again as it is faster and more efficient lol

But this got me thinking:

why is it that we can accept that ‘every baby is different’ and that they all ‘go at their own pace and get their eventually’

But then when it comes to weight loss, we have this specific number like:

“If I haven’t lost 1 stone by next month then…”
^^^ Which we have ZERO control over because you cannot control exactly what the scale does​​

That if we don’t hit, we might as well give up altogether?

May as well have not even started?

Can you imagine If I just said to Ottilie (my daughter): “You know what, you should have been walking by now, so just don’t bother at all. You can crawl for the rest of your life”?

Because here’s the thing:

By setting goals like this, which are PURELY specific and NOT focussed on the process? you are essentially powerLESS…

You have basically given up ‘control’ of the situation <<< which us humans love / hate because it gives us this excuse / a story about how we tried and still failed (which makes us feel better now but  $#*! tomorrow)..

My advice to you:

1* set a specific goal (like a weight loss goal / dress size goal) << this is absolutely fine. BUT, don’t attach life and death feelings to it. If you didn’t quite hit your goal? You STILL have an outcome. You know what worked, right? You know maybe what you can improve, right? 

2* Focus on the things you CAN control. In our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, we focus on:

Food, Fitness, and Focus.

^^^ 3 things that if you control? Will help you lose weight, have more energy, get fit and leave you feeling confident again in your favourite clothes…

If you want to learn more about personalising your food, fitness and focus for you so you can build a personalised healthy eating and fitness plan, personalised for you, you can apply for our 7-day free trial..

Which starts w/c Monday 4th June:

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Matt ‘keep going crawling” Fruci 
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