“Embarrassed by how I look but sabotage any thoughts of change”

As I’m sat here writing this, I’m not actually quite sure where this is going to go. But I’m looking at my vacuum flask thinking just how many lessons there are about life from…this bright orange vacuum flask.

You fill it with hot water? It stays hot for 24 hours (so it says…time will tell. Literally)

You fill it with cold water? It stays cold for 24 hours. 

Pretty awesome invention, right? But how does it know whether to keep cold things cold and hot things hot? 😉

Well, in short, it doesn’t let energy transfer. Heat can’t escape. Therefore, heat also cannot get in (hence why it keeps cold things cold).

So I guess you could say that its a bit like us really.

I mean, I used to think that I was too shy and didn’t know enough to do pubic speaking. I filled my mind with this way of thinking. Didn’t let it ever leave my head…and I stayed like this for YEARS…23 years to be precise…

And it got me thinking about some of the things the ladies on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme say to me when they start:

“I feel embarrassed by how I look but sabotage any thoughts of change”

“I feel guilty about doing anything for me” 

“I panic if I’m ever outside of my comfort zone”

And if you feel any of these thoughts, just know that you do NOT have to believe them.

In fact, my advice to you right now would be to NOT believe everything you think. There is no rule that says it’s true because you thought it, right?

PUT YOURSELF FIRST <<< Because you are no good to anyone when you’re tired, stressed, distracted and feeling crappy.

I’ll be honest, although most of the ladies come to me looking for help with finding sustainable healthy eating and fitness plans so they can have choice in the clothes they wear and feel confident again?

The truth is that you already know what to do, you just need PERMISSION to do it.

Which is exactly what our support and accoutbailtiy system does in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

So that you give yourself permission to do the things that you know you need to do to get the results you want WITHOUT getting in your own way.

If anything I’ve said here has resonated with you, then you can apply for a free 7-day trial on our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme by clicking the link below:


Applications CLOSE on Sunday 3rd June with the start date W/C Monday 4th June.

If you have any questions about this or the vacuum flask I’m using, let me know.

Matt ‘unscrewing the lid of my vacuum flask’ Fruci

PS. got this message from Lisa this week:

“I know I’ve put the hard work in, but being accountable to you and having you on hand to answer any questions and working on mindset (which is huge) has got me this far and totally amazed at how quickly my body has changed.  So a BIG thank you Matt 😊”

If it’s plan, support and accountability that you want?

Apply below:

7-Day Free Trial

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