Food labels, traffic lights and what’s ‘enough’?

“Are the traffic light signals any good when looking at food labels? I get confused so just look for greens?”

As always, I’m going to give you a ‘vanilla’ answer. Partly because I’m scared of being wrong, but also because what I’m about to say seems to be the¬†truth according to me, at this moment ūüėČ

If it’s ‘green’ it tends to mean its lower in calories, sugar, and fats etc. Which seems good if you are trying to lose weight.

The problem?

* Some foods don’t have the traffic light symbols

* some foods, like cereal, say ‘per portion’ even though no one really eats a portion lol (one of the ladies mentioned how her son eats cake mixing bowl of cereal each morning and evening…the joys of being a teenage boy, I guess)

* It does NOT mention protein…

And on this topic of protein, 2 key points:

1) you might have heard people¬†say that protein is ‘bad for your kidneys’?

Reality:¬†This MAY be the case if you have kidney disease…if you don’t?¬†

The only side effects are:

* Feeling full up for longer

* A leaner, more toned look

* A reduced risk of osteoporosis, falls and hip fractures…

2) You may have heard that ‘you don’t need that much protein’:


The guidelines for protein are set on ‘need’ to AVOID DEFICIENCY, which would suggest they are suitable to help beat¬†starvation in poorer areas of the world.

So, these protein recommendations do NOT really relate to wanting to ‘thrive’, feel full up, and tone up.

After all, you have to eat something. You have to put some type of fuel in the car…

So, if you’re currently craving sugar and hungry all of the time and you’re not including much of the following in your diet:

Beans, yoghurt, eggs, fish, dairy, or lean meats?

This may help you keep full up, beat your cravings, control your eating habits and lose weight…

And if you need help putting together a simple, personalised plan so you can actually stick to it even on your busiest day and stay accountable to the things you know you need to do to get the old clothes back out for Summer

(as let’s face it, you probably know what to do. more fruit and veggies etc etc. I’m not going to bore you with all that…)

You might be interested in the 7-Day Trial we have starting on our Fit For Life Body Transformation starting on Monday 4th June.

More info here:

Matt ‚Äč
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