How to get and stay motivated?

Low carb?

Low fat?


Calorie counting?

Lift weights? 

High intensity?

How long do I need to exercise for?

These are all great questions..

But there is one which underpins all:

How do I get and stay motivated?

And although there is no ONE trick to this..

Asking and answering these 2 questions every day is a step you can take today 

To unlearn and relearn..

Think differently 

^^ which underpins how you are finally going to get the results you want

So here is the question:

  1. What happens 5 years from now if you don’t get a handle on your current situation?
  2. What would be different if you got the results you want?

Because as hard as change can be 

Isn’t it hard anyway?

And when I see results like these in the images

When we see people finding it easier to play with their kids and grandkids with the energy they have…

Feeling motivated again despite being on holiday where they would have – in the past – fallen off the bandwagon and struggled to get back to it 

Being able to go wild swimming, paddleboarding and hiking and actually looking forward to getting back to exercise again…

There is no doubt

They are thinking differently …

 And their mindset has changed

Well done

This is why we love doing what we do at Fruci Fit


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