Message from Sarah

Got this message from Sarah last week (see image)

Amazing to hear.

The best part?

Sarah has focussed on what she CAN do.

You could say that Sarah has ‘only’ been to one session in person…

And you might think ‘surely that is not enough?’.

Maybe in certain situations you are right…

After humans love to do more of what they already do or are good at..

The hardest part?

Focussing on what you CAN do 

Even if it is not as much as you would like. 

And this is exactly what has happened here. 

Small habits, compound effect.

Short workouts fit for Sarah and her condition.

10lbs down

In control of her food. 

Fitter, stronger 

Both mentally and physically 

Well done, Sarah.

If you want to join Sarah and co

Just message me with ‘Reboot’ 

And I will get you the details


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