Trying not to snack? Try this…

“I didn’t snack all day yesterday but it was really hard”

I get it.

I did a video on this HERE 

But if you are in a rush?

I want you to try something called ‘urge

surfing’ .

So when that urge to snack comes?

Ask these questions:

  1. How long does the urge last for? Instead of

running away from it, be interested in it. Surf it. Be


  1. Where is the urge in your body? 
  1. How does it feel?
  1. How long does it last?

The interesting part?

You are now in power.

You are empowered to take control

And no matter how hard it gets, 

Just be curious as to what’s on the other side

of this?

As much as you maybe

want to snack, what’s on the other side of not

Snacking? What are the benefits? How do you feel then?

And for the record, this is only relevant if

this “not snacking” goal is something you want to


Snacking isn’t inherently “bad”, in fact, snacking

on nutrient rich foods high in fibre and protein may

even reduce your intake and your next meal. 

This is

why it has to be personal and relevant for your

situation to help you develop a better relationship with food and fitness.

Something we do inside our Reboot Kickstart.


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