How to cure a hangover and the truth about green tea

It’s Bank Holiday Monday…

which means -whether they’re hungover or not – the ladies on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme have me to answer to in our morning (for the early risers) and evening (for the night owls) sessions. 

And if you did live life to the max yesterday by washing down your cucumber vegan sausages on the BBQ with a few gin and tonics…😉

I’ve got some quick tips to help you beat your hangover today:

1) Have eggs for brekkie: Packed with vitamins, healthy and fats and minerals

2) Have a coffee: It’ll pick you up and stop you feeling so blooming tired

3) Have a nice up of tea…

And I know what you’re thinking:

But I bet you’re going to say ‘Green tea’ because it helps with fat burning, spikes your metabolism and is better for you’

Well, actually NO.

Because both black tea and green tea are pretty much the same.

Now, green tea MAY help you lose some weight
Not because of some superpower
Not because you saw a quote from the Tooth Fairy saying it on Facebook
But because it might just stop you:
* Drinking so much milk?
* Having sugar in your tea?
* Dunking chocolate biscuits into your tea whilst catching up with Holby City
Which – magically – might just help you lose a few lbs or 2 over the week
And guess what might happen then?
Well, you might start building some momentum…
Thinking to yourself: ‘I can do this”
You start making a few more changes
Just like the ones we show you in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme
And before you know it…
you’ve actually stuck to a ‘so-called’ diet for more than a few weeks WITHOUT that ‘all-or-nothing’, ‘good-bad’ relationship with food that makes you think F it…
‘Might as well finish all that buttered toast and leftover chocolate and start again tomorrow” 
An even if you do think this from time to time. That’s OK. 
After all, there’s still 25 days left in May. Which begs the quesiton:

Will NOT bothering for the next 25 days just because you had a s#*tty few days take you any closer to where you want to be this Summer?
I’ll let you decide that one.
Now, I don’t know if I can help you but I do know that you’re kind of looking for some help with this (or you wouldn’t still be reading lol)
I can’t say what I do will definitely help you. But what I will say is that I get messages every day from ladies saying how they ‘love / hate’ me for what I do

​​but thank me for helping them question what they do and take control of comfort eating so they can feel more confident again in their favourite clothes…

Or as Annette puts it: Join the IDNOB Club AKA The In Dire Need Of a New Belt Club 😂
If you want to apply for a free 7-day trial on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 

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