Fed up of putting everyone else first?

So, this is the iMessage (previously known as speaking / using voice to communicate) I sent to Mrs Fruci the other day to see if she could look after baby whilst I did some self care AKA exercise:

“Hey moo, am I allowed out tomorrow between 345-445? Xx”

^^^ not many people get more than one ‘x’ from me 😉

but reading it back, don’t I sound like a cheeky 11 year old asking if I can skip homework and go out to play? 😂

Anyway, it reminded me of a conversation I had with one of the ladies last week about how women seem to put everyone else FIRST…

but then almost resent it…and keep doing it because it feels right? 

And like most of the ladies on my Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, they went on to say how they felt that after doing everything for everyone else?

It was time to actually put themselves first for once after juggling full time work, school runs and playing ‘taxi’…and have someone ‘do it’ for them for once…


Be told exactly what to do to lose weight, tone up and feel great without having to think about it or use any willpower. 

In fact, one of the ladies I work with described it as ‘delegating part of their life’ to free up time so they actually DO this eating healthy and fitness stuff which they know helps them fit into the clothes they like and feel more confident about themselves. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you today because despite what the Brownies teach us about ‘putting others before ourselves’…

What if it is actually selfLESS to be a it selfish and take care of you first so you can serve others?

I mean, how do you feel after you’ve done something for you? 

Just like Lindsay send in my Fit For Life Body Transformation Private Group the other day:

“It really sets you up for the day”

Speak soon,


PS. I’ve got 7 spaces left for the free 7-Day Trial starting on Monday 21st May on my ladies only Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme.

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