Try this to help with ‘comfort’ eating 🍰

I was driving to a client to the other day for her coaching session. I was going the usual route when I noticed a sign saying:

“Road closed ahead”

What did I do?

I kept going….

Other cars did it ahead, so I thought, let’s have a look. It might save me going back on myself for the diversion.

And – of course – I kept going and got to the point where the road was CLOSED.

So, i turned back and took the – now even longer – diversion.

My point?

Well, it’s kind of what happens when we comfort eat.

You see, I was chatting to on of the ladies using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System the other day. She admitted that comfort eating was her biggest issue.

S#*! / long day at work. Feeling tired. Rubbish sleep. Lacking nutrients…

^^^ these can all contribute to your head in the biscuit tin…

The funny thing was how she felt after comfort eating…

Comfort eating made her feel rrubbish, in short. 

Yet, despite knowing this. Seeing the signs, we do it again and again.

Which begs the questions:

1) Is comfort eating actually DISCOMFORT eating?  After all, how do you feel AFTER ‘comfort eating’?

Does it take you closer to where you want to be, both mentally and with how you look and feel?

My advice to you today?

If you’re having a war in your head about ‘comfort eating’ / cravings etc.

Just start calling this so-called ‘comfort eating’… DIScomfort eating. 

And I know what you’re thinking:

‘That won’t work for me’

But, all I know is that is 100% true if you don’t try it 🙂

And I’m not saying it will work. Everyone is different. I have NO idea what your personal challenges are.

But what I can say is that doing nothing and expecting things to change is insanity…

Speak soon

Matt Fruci (MSc, ANutr, BSc)
Registered Nutritionist & Female Fat Loss Coach

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