Can I still eat bread?

“What foods do I need to give up?”

“Can I still eat bread?”

“How many times do I need to exercise? What’s the best type?”

“Can my family eat the same?”

These are just a few of the ‘frequently asked questions’ I get from people who are tired and fed up of all the conflicting diet and fitness advice and want to try something different..

But are skeptical and don’t want to just waste more time and money on something that won’t work for them.

This is actually a good thing. It is good that you are skeptical and ask questions. After all, this health and fitness industry is full of either:

1) People saying ‘unless it is scientifically proven by 100000000 studies, it’s cr*p”

2) People saying that everything is a conspiracy theory and that you should live off of oxygen…just as nature intended lol

So, here are a few things you should know about our ladies only Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme:

1) No food is OFF limits.

2) All recipes / foods / snacks are family friendly (as this has to fit your lifestyle)

3) People who PLAN their week ahead of time get the best results. WHY? because there’s less to think about when you’re tired, busy & stressed.

Plus with a plan sorted, you’ll know exactly what to do. From experience, if I sent you a plan without any info from you to follow, there’s a high probability you won’t follow it.

Maybe because you don’t like some of the stuff we choose for you. That’s why we work together on this. This way you have the flexibility to eat whatever you want, in any order, as long as you eat the right AMOUNT you will get the results you want.

4) We focus on the 3Fs: Food, Fitness and Focus to help separate the facts from your feelings (as this is where the limiting beliefs and self sabotage can come in…

5) If you report back to me, ask questions, and do the work? You may get results like the ladies here:

And if you’re still skeptical?

I’m opening up 5 spaces for 5 ladies to trial out Fit For Life Body Transformation programme for free first for 7-days to help you see if there is a different approach that might work for you.

Click the link below to apply:



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