How I avoided a £50 fine

I was driving the other day (a long journey up north to see the northern side of the family). Now, I get sooo bored driving. So, 1 hour in, I decided to stop at a service station and grab a coffee.

​Then I made the mistake of getting my laptop out and doing some work for a new body transformation programme I'm working on with meals cooked and delivered for you fresh out of the oven, using local produce and businesses (look out for this one)...

Now, 2 hours and 3 minutes later...I was back in my car (Writing this, it's really not a surprise that Mrs Fruci was wondering where the hell I had got to lol)

only to notice that it said 'Max stay 2 hours"...

"$#*!" ....I thought to myself. 

​​I may have even said it out loud (don't worry, my daughter wasn't with me).

I got out of the car park as quickly as possible, hoping that I 'may' have been under the 2 hours. 

​​Pi553d off with myself, I pulled over on the side of the road (out of sight of those parking cameras).

I phoned the served station car parking and explained the situation. I was completely honest. Said how I completely lost track of time and might have been 2 or 3 minutes over. 

The lovely lady on the phone took my reg number and name. Turns out I was a few minutes over. But because of my honest? 

she let me off...

My point?​​​​​​

Integrity and honesty is something that seems to really be coming back to me recently. 

I pride myself on telling you how it is. Most of my clients love this. But some do get annoyed with me. Maybe they want to hear some shiny, new detox supplement. I'm sorry. I wish I had that for you. And I wish it existed. Truth is? It doesn't. 

and on the topic of honesty, I've got a new Vegan 100 recipe Nutrition book out. Now, I could sit here (well I'm actually standing as I write this) and tell you that vegan is the best and you should get it because it will cure every disease going,,

But the truth is?

I'm not vegan and there is no evidence that there are any health benefits to being vegan.


More and more ladies are coming to me asking for vegan / vegetarian recipes, new ideas, fun ways to increase their vegetable intake, AND potential nutrient deficiencies that they may want to cover by restricting food groups.

So, that's why I've got a 100 recipe Vegan Diet book for you here​​​​​​​​​​

But it's not just another recipe book.

Check out why here:

Speak soon,

Matt 'not the vegan guy' Fruci

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