Is it hormones, the foods you eat or your mindset?

Today I'm off to guest lecture to nutrition students at Oxford Brookes University. 

It's great to be asked back to lecture where I learned my trade and became a Registered Nutritionist. 

But - for me - there is A LOT that is missing in the way they tell us what's best to eat and do for our health (which I hope to address today).

You see, the nutritionists tell you to eat more fibre and protein (which is great)

The psychologists tell you to be mindful (which is great)

The neuroscience people say its all about feel good hormones (which is great)

The life coaches tell you to challenge your thoughts (which is great)

And the doctors think its all about medicine (which has its place, too, of course)

The problem?

No one really talks.

And in real life, you cannot separate physiology from psychology. 

Which is why the bulk of my talk is on REAL LIFE situations. 

The best diet in the world is pointless if you can't stick to.

It's why I'm offering one to one nutritional strategy meeting to help you personalise a healthy eating and fitness plan for you, along with my Vegan Diet Shift book.


Well, there's just too many book and body transformation programmes that are 'do this and get on with it' with no personalisation. 

And for me?

That's why for every 1 amazing transformation you see, 5 people won't even finish it...

It's why I focus so much on the support and accountability, so you can turn your inspiration into >>> motivation >>> Habits >>> long term, sustainable results. 

This is only available until Friday:

Fruci Fit
Shift: Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back

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