The sofa squat fitness challenge

Did you see the BBC promoting the sofa squat challenge?

They basically challenge you to squat up and down 10 times every time you get off of the sofa. 

A nice change to the 'hit 10,000 steps a day' stuff.. 

Because as much as it's all good to move just to make you feel better and get some fresh air, 10,000 steps can be pretty hard to do, especially if you're seated in your job a lot. I'll admit, my phone tells me I do about 6000 steps a day on average.

Now, I do try to up it to 10,000. But it doesn't always happen. In simple terms, work, British weather and the fact I know that I could do a quick and simple workout at home (and potentially get better results) mean I don't stress too much about averaging at 6000 steps. 

And it reminds me of a conversation I was having with a few of the ladies I work with the other day. One of the ladies has always done about 15,000 steps a day...and is frustrated they haven't had better results from just doing their steps in the past considering they tell you to do 10,000...

The other lady was frustrated because her knees prevented her from walking for long periods. And on that note, I was at a talk recently from a Professor from Edinburgh who mentioned that walking may actually be "bad' for one density, falls prevention and frailty as we age (due to muscle loss)..

^^^ Especially if you are not eating the right nutrients.

It's why the majority of the fitness and exercise I do with the ladies using my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System focusses on strengthening your muscles,  toning up and improving your body shape.

Not only does it help you keep the weight off you lose of, but it also helps make every day tasks, like WALKING, getting up and down from a chair, climbing stairs and shopping,  a lot easier...

And guess what?

Do the above and you'll hit 10,000 steps / just do more in everyday life without really knowing (which is where the fat loss ripple effect comes in).

Now, I'm not saying that you HAVE to do exercises that help you get stronger. 

I'm just saying that you may be missing out on some pretty amazing benefits in energy, how your clothes fit and health (as some of the ladies mentioned here).

Anyway, here's a quick strengthening workout you can do with ZERO equipment whilst checking Facebook, ringing a friend:


PS. Want some quick and simple workouts you can do whenever, wherever and personal one to one nutritional guidance on your diet from a Registered Nutritionist?

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