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2 Quick tips for snacking and portion size

I was chatting to one of the ladies this week during our one to one kickstart meeting 

(where we put together your starting plan for your 28 Day Kickstart <<< message me if you’d like more info for our October Kickstart, specifically for ladies 40+, from home, Marlborough or in Devizes)

And we got talking about FOOD…(shock, horror)

She generally eats WELL…

Good, whole foods (in the main)

Occasional drink (nothing excessive)

Rarely snacks (most of the time)

Thing is, until we dig deep into this..

I can’t really help you.

I could say, that from looking at this..

You need to ‘plan your meals’..

But what if that was too much of a step for you?

With your work / life balance? 

Resistance to change?

So, what we did was go through a few questions

To get to the MOST SIMPLE possible step that you can make TODAY..

Which you can 100% do today (without having to check on what ingredients you have or what you are doing)..


As always, I only like to share stuff that 

  1. Works
  1. Are backed up by science
  1. Are practical so you can actually do it (as you only get results for done)

Here are the two FIRST steps we decided to do:

  1. Given her portion sizes were higher than she wanted them to be at dinner time (or supper as some would say), she was going to wait 20 minutes before going for seconds. She had permission to have it but had to wait for 20 minutes.
  1. Snacking in the evening was a bit of an issue. Biscuits / Chocolate. Once the packet is open, she can eat without really thinking, especially when the other half brings them in when you least expect it..So, her task is to put the biscuits into a bowl so she knows how many she will eat and say BISCUITS AND DONE

I explain more about this here in this video here

Have an awesome day