How long do you need to exercise for?

While some people might boast about long they can do it for 😉 

For me, ‘more’ or ‘longer’ is not always better.

In fact, have you heard about the endangered species in Australia call the black-tailed and silver-headed antechinus? 

I quote:

 “Scientists warn that the black-tailed and silver-headed antechinus are literally killing themselves by having too much sex”

See, too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing…


Because if you tell me that I have to exercise for an hour?

Chances are? I might not do it. I might put it off. Procrastinate. Especially if I’m tired and stressed. 

Which is why I do the 3 minute test…

Where I give myself PERMISSION to stop after 3 minutes (of exercising that is ;-))

If I still don’t want to do? I’ll stop and I’ve done 3 minutes more than Would have done.

But more often than not? I’ll then end up doing the session I have planned.

It’s why when I set the ladies home workouts in our app in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme, the workouts are only 5 minutes long.

Because whether you do 1 round or 3 round, you’ve still DONE something. 

Which I’m guessing is probably better than what you did the week before, right?

Because it doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ <<< that’s just an illusion based on who you think you should be / what you think you have to do.

If you’re better than you were? Taking a step in the right direction, be it drinking a glass of water before each meal or doing some push ups on the kitchen side whilst your kettle boils…

It’s still better.

And before you know it, you’ll be stronger, fitter and feeling more confident in your favourite clothes..

​​​not to mention doing ‘proper’ push ups as Jackie mentioned the other day after a session in our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme. 


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