Is this healthy habit stopping you from toning up?

This last week it suddenly dawned on me just how many toys and books my daughter the  grand old age of 1!

And as much as this makes bedtime stories extremely exciting and unpredictable, with The Great Dog Bottom Swap being my favourite (if you haven't read this CHILDREN'S story book about...dogs bum holes...please read wonder this generation is going to even crazier ;-)...)

I'm finding myself reading the more of the books long after Ottilie is asleep...

Simply because of how VARIED and exciting they are.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, not only do I want you to read the book "The Great Dog Bottom Swap', but I also wanted to show how a healthy habit could be the reason why you're struggling to lose weight.

You see, they tell you to eat a 'balanced and varied' diet. Which is all well and good. But I get that this piece of information / advice is fluffy and confusing. 

And what if THIS was actually making us fatter anyway?

You see, researchers find that too much variation and choice COULD give your taste buds and senses a party that could even top a night in reading The Great Dog Bottom Swap...

To the extent that your hunger signals can be turned down.

To put this simply...

Have you ever been out at a buffet and 'full up' on, say, ribs, but still have room for the egg fried rice? Full up on egg fried rice but still have 'room' for the double chocolate cheesecake? I could go on.

And if you're wondering about how a 'varied' diet can help you gut bacteria?

Well, if you look at less industrialised parts of the world, they actually eat a pretty simple diet, often eating the same foods.

And I know you could argue that we actually eat a simple diet because bread, pasta, wraps, and cereals are all pretty much wheat...

But if you actually go into the supermarket and just take a look around at the number of variations of milks, breads, nuts, beans, potatoes, meats, gluten free, vegetarian, eggs...there is literally sooo much choice. 

So much choice that you often end up buying both, right?

And what you buy, you keep at home. What you keep at home, you see. And what you see, you eat...

Now, I'm not saying be boring and eat the same foods, but what I am saying is don't be afraid to just make your meals super simple to save you both TIME and MONEY. 

Cook up an extra roast chicken on a Sunday so you have some options for the week?

Have a few soups handy?

Have some eggs handy?

Smoked salmon in the fridge?

A protein powder?

Whatever suits you, just make it so that the healthy choice is the easier choice and I can guarantee it'l be the LAST diet you ever go on.

Because it doesn't matter how many calories or points you're supposed to eat if you're simply relying on willpower and have lost perception of what fullness and hunger actually is...

And it's not your fault that you crave foods and overeat.

We are wired to do this. After all, a hunter gatherer has no idea how long they're going to live for, so why would they care how they look at their holiday this Summer?

They only care about today...

And on that note, here's a little piece of advice:

Next time you're shopping when hungry or come home starving, do one of the following:

1) Keep an apple in your car to control hunger and help you make a better informed decision when you come home and want something to see you until dinner

2) Imagine yourself at the event / family party / holiday that you want to look good for looking how you want to look. Why? Well this helps light up areas of the brain which are dampened down by the URGE to survive and eat

And it's these type of simple, yet effective tone up strategies that I teach you in my SHIFT Personal Training and Nutrition System to help you ditch the diet and baggy clothes for good...

Want to try it for free this week?

Click the link below:

Fruci Fit
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