I hope I’ve got a bikini body at 58…

I spoke yesterday about celeb diets and Denise Welch 

^^^ her 2 stone weight loss which she’s kept off by changing her attitude towards food and making small tweaks to her diet  so she can still eat her spag bowl and fish and chips…

But that’s just ONE example…

From a ‘celeb’

So, today I’m going to share with you what the science says about what the best way to drop a few dress sizes and keep the weight off is

You see, the trend right now is to either:

1) Do a cookie-cutter diet plan where you HAVE to eat from a certain food list


2) Do a flexible diet where you can eat whatever you want provided you are within your overall nutrient targets set for you (hopefully not by Dr Google or the guy working at your local Holland & Barrett…)

But what does the science say?

Well, a recent study actually showed that there was NO difference  in weight loss over 10 weeks between a rigid, cookie-cutter meal where you HAD to eat the foods on the plan 

And a flexible diet where you could eat whatever  you wanted to as long as you hit your nutrient targets set for you

BUT…here’s the thing:

1) This is just ONE study

2) The overall research seems to show that a flexible approach results in more SUSTAINABLE fat loss

3) Rigid, cookie-cutter meal plans can results in eating disorder-like behaviours in some individuals

^^^ An area close to me given that I battled with an eating disorder growing up

4) Flexible diets where you can eat what you want as long as you hit your overall intake can result in a lot of time-consuming tracking of calories and trying to figure out what you can ‘fit in’ to your diet and get away with 

^^^ This can be time-consuming for some individuals, causing frustration and giving you an excuse to give up…

And we know that the best diet in the world is the one YOU do.

Which is exactly why I take you through 3 Modules in my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme 

And the beauty of this is that you may start at Module 2 or even 3 depending on what YOU want

Here’s a brief overview:

Module 1 – Simplicity (Missing the forest for the trees <<< I think that's how the saying goes)

* Being overloaded with information about what, when, how, why on day 1 will mean you have even LESS time to do the things you want to do and feel more confused that you already are…making you feel MORE stressed


* Stress ==> tiredness ==> less prefrontal cortex activation in your brain which ==> poor dietary decisions, binging (AKA ordering the entire contents of the fridge in the Food Gallery…)

I get you on to my Fruci Fit Nutrition System so you either build your own meal plans, learn the types and amounts of foods that work for you, and stop stressing about what and when to eat

You can even just take a meal plan DONE FOR YOU by a dietitian who I work with!

And what does all this do for you?

Helps you slim down, feel more confident in your favourite clothes, and gives you more time and energy to do the things you want to do!

Module 2 – Jack of all…master of none!

* Only now you have the basics mastered, do we look at specific nutrients in more detail for you

* Are you eating enough protein?

* Are you low in vitamin B and Iron?

* What’s your digestion like with certain foods? Do you feel bloated? Have frequent, often uncontrollable bowels that stop you doing what you want to do in your day? Are you constipated? Are you tired all of the time?

^^^ We go over strategies for you to potentially overcome these

Module 3 – Don’t even worry about this yet…

And that’s all we do in my Lean For Life Body Transformation Programme

Give you the freedom to be in control so you don’t have to separately from your family, you can enjoy your food again, develop a more positive relationship with food and ditch the love handles for good!

Matt ‘Registered Nutritionist with Dr Google’ Fruci​​​

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