‘How I kept off 3 stone’

I must admit

I do like to have a quick wonder around the magazine isle in Waitrose

Looking at the drossy celeb mags full of ads, January diets, and false promises

^^^ I pretend I’m choosing one for the wife 😉

But as a body transformation coach and Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition

It is my moral and ethical duty to not just understand the sciency stuff…

^^^ So that you can be assured that everything I say is evidenced-based and not wishy-washy

But to also understand exactly what your being told in the media about:

‘How I lost 40lbs’

‘How I kept off 3 stone’

‘How I’d rather be happy than thin’

‘How I ditched my daily packet of biscuits “

I could go on…

But this is where science meets application (the art of coaching, I guess. And the exact reason why I have 2 coaches myself)

Because here’s the thing:

Celeb diets DO work

On one condition…

You can stick to the ‘diet’

Something that Denise Welch (the one from Loose Women) RIGHTLY spoke about recently in the media

She’s 58, happier and healthier than ever, and has lost (and maintained) her 2 stone of weight loss

Claiming that changing her attitude towards food

And making small tweaks to her diet were key 

^^ So she can still eat her spag bowl and fish and chips

And it comes down to the fact that it HAS to fit your lifestyle (work, childcare, cooking, cleaning, school runs etc….)

But I want to ask you this question:

What would suit YOU better:

a) A diet that gave you a food list of foods you can and can’t eat

b) A diet where no food is off limits, you can eat what you want as you long as you are within your nutrient targets I set you, and you have access to a growing choice of quick and simple recipe and meal ideas that could be adapted to both yours and your family’s taste and preferences based on what you like and how often you eat out (so you learn how to eat intuitively and don’t have to count calories all of the time)?

c) A diet where you can eat what you want as long as you hit your overall intake? 

Comment with either, A, B or C

And I’ll put you in the hat for a FREEBIE Nutritional Q & A Strategy Meeting (Worth £50)

Best wishes,


PS. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing ​​with you exactly what the science says about the best type of diets to help you lose weight and keep it off

PPS. And if you want results now, go here: ​​https://frucifit.com/free7daytrial/

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