‘I can’t stop eating when I feel like this’


^^^ The best thing about this update from Rosie?

She took action.

Because here’s the thing:

You, too, ‘kinda’ know what you should do, right?


You often ask yourself the killer question and come up with the wrong answer:

‘Am I good enough?’

‘Can I do it?’

And it kills your hopes BEFORE your even start.

If you don’t start taking action, how do you know you can’t do it?

^^^ Something I learned with my fear of public speaking.

I’d put it off.

Ignore it, rather than practice.

Turn up. Go bright red in the face. Being shaking so badly that I could barely speak. And be downing water because my mouth was so dry.

^^^ Who’d have thought I’d now be delivering seminars and lectures? Not me!

And this FEAR wasn’t because I was scared of doing the presentation.

It was because I was scared of looking silly.

People laughing at me (which is quite funny because I looked more silly by going red in the face worrying about looking silly <<< wow, read that one again!)

But people don’t care as much as you think

They’re too busy worrying about looking silly to YOU.

‘Without understanding this, YOU can’t fulfil your dreams’

^^^ And as soon I understood this, I committed to finding out if I really was good enough.

I committed to practicing.

I wrote down all of the benefits of taking action and did the work

And if there’s one thing I want you to take away from today…

It’s that there’s no substitute for DOING

Think about something you excel in…

Your job – I bet you probably stayed late and ate your lunch at your desk, right?

Looking after your kids?

^^^ I bet you had many sleepless nights, prepped their food, and just ‘made do’ yourself? Probably barely had a date night with the other half for months, right?

But what about your diet?

‘I have a slow metabolism’

‘I’ve always been fat’

‘I can’t stop eating when I feel like this’

‘I feel rubbish’

^^^ These are all just thoughts which drive your ACTION (almost as if they’re instructions)

The good news?

You don’t have to do what you did yesterday.

^^^ Just as Rosie is proving!

By taking action today, you’re more likely to do it again tomorrow (and the cycle continues)

When you binge…

When you ‘fail’…

Ask yourself:

What are you trying to escape from?

Stress? Work?

Are you eating your feelings?

And just remember that on the other side of your fears…

Is often your personal growth and confidence in life!

^^^ Read that again

And all this is exactly why any successful nutritional strategy to lose weight, get more toned and feel more confident can’t separate how you think and what you do.

So, next time you say ‘yes’ to something…

Think how this will impact your goals…

Think about what you are actually saying NO to….

Matt ‘feeling pumped’ Fruci

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