Can You Naturally Increase Your Testosterone (and libido)?

Libido / sexual function





Physical performance ​

Overall health​

^^^ These alone are good enough reasons to want to ​keep up our testosterone levels...not forgetting that low testosterone levels may be linked to diabetes and heart disease...

After the age of approx​. will generally experience a slow decrease in testosterone.

​Now if you're currently not doing the following, they COULD help to increase your testosterone especially if it is low in the first place...

1. Ditch your love handles...

Body weight loss is associated with an increase in testosterone. Visceral fat (the fat around the gut) is also associated with low testosterone. Use this free guide to master the easiest way to lose fat without switching to boring, restrictive food plans..

​2. Sleep more...

I'm guilty of skipping sleep and not resting enough...this FREE undervalued thing called sleep could boost your testosterone levels if you're currently not getting good quality sleep. And by this I mean is you sleep broken? Are you sleeping less than 6 hours per night?

Believe it or not...I've actually been chucking on a meditation podcast before bed (wife hates it) which sends me right off into a deep sleep!​

It's also massively relaxing and helps you DESTRESS which is another factor affecting your testosterone...​

​3. Get your sunshine vitamin...

By this I mean vitamin D3. Long working hours, office jobs and terrible summers mean we can be low in vitamin D3 which may play a role in testosterone. It is naturally found in oily fish and eggs, but only in small amounts. This is why it's often supplemented, particularly in winter months or by those who only get to pop their head out of the office window for 15 minutes per day...

​4. Consider zinc

A zinc deficiency can result in a decrease in testosterone. Natural sources of zinc include seafood, red meat, nuts and seeds. Using a multivitamin / flavoured effervescent in your water with sufficient zinc can be used also. 

​5. Eat your essential fats

Of course, too much fat will increase your chances of eating too many calories and putting on fat...which could decrease testosterone levels. 


Some fats are essential for health​...namely Omega 6 fats such as olive oils and nuts and omega 3 fats , such as oily fish.

As I said...these are SIMPLE methods. Not "never seen before". Not groundbreaking.

Just like everything else, do the basics​ and do them very well...

Speak soon,


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