Heard of the flex diet?

You wake up on a Monday morning and flex your bicep in the mirror…and this gives you the confidence to absolutely take 100% control of your week…

I joke. However, this might just work, who knows? Because nutrition is different for everyone. Why? Because it really depends on the foods you and your family like, your daily schedule and lifestyle.

And this is where my ‘flex diet’ comes in (as Cassie And Julie show you here)

You see, some days are NOT going to go to plan Maybe a colleague is off work. The kids are sick. You didn’t get time to do the shopping. It’s Mary’s birthday at work and she’s brought in Krispy Kreme donuts for everyone. You have a holiday next week so there’s no point starting. Or perhaps you have meetings and you’re being fed biscuits and sandwiches all day…

Now, rather than think ‘well, this isn’t what I planned and isn’t perfect’ <<< which puts you into self sabotage mode…

Focus on what you CAN do, rather than what you CAN’T

Can you make the best of a bad situation?

Just because you eat a slice of cake, will eating 2, 3, or 4 slices take you any closer to your goals (and fitting in to that Summer dress)?

^^ Slow down and ask yourself this question. It’s so simple but actually doing it is pretty damn hard. I get it…I mean, try asking me to stop once I’ve popped open the peanut butter Reeses cups….but if I just SLOW DOWN. Sit down. Serve my food in a bowl / plate rather than out of the packet…my decisions become more rationale. 

And it’s this shift in your mindset that can stop you self sabotaging your results and keep the weight off once and for all…just like the ladies do in Fat Loss Mastery 

Matt ‘flex your bicep’ Fruci
Helping Busy Ladies Take Control Of Their Comfort Eating and Get Their Bodies Back – For Good

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