Are you making these ‘healthy eating’ mistakes? 🤔

“Lose 7lbs in 7 days”. Everywhere you look you see this. And I’m not knocking them. In fact, you can lose 7lbs in 7 days pretty healthily. 

But I just want to be honest with you today about how I go about recommending this. Its on my mind at the moment because – I myself – have started a bit of slim down challenge now so I’m looking and feeling good for September (when baby No.2 arrives and I know I’ll be lacking in sleep, time and energy…and want to be fit and strong for it)

So, here’s the 3 rules that might help you (as a well as me) to lose a few lbs and actually keep them off because your’e not feeling starving, depriving yourself of nutrients or having to spend hours tracking every point or calorie…

1) Weight loss is predominantly dependent on calories in vs calories out….but that doesn’t mean you have to count them…

So, tip 1:

* Go for high volume foods as this will create an illusion that you are eating more calories and fill you up (due to the amount of food you have to stomach).


2 kiwis OR 25 grapes OR 1 egg OR Serving of 0% Greek yoghurt

Have about 100 calories in them..

Which is  about the same as 1tbsp of peanut butter OR 2tbsp granola OR 1 tbsp of olive oil…

2) Automate your breakfast and lunch – the they asked people who’d lost AT LEAST 10kg and kept it off for over a year what they did?

They all had ROUTINE with their breakfast. They might have seemed boring by saying ‘I have porridge for breakfast every day” but it just meant that they had ONE less thing to think about (which meant they could save their willpower for later in the day).

Tip 2:

Try making some overnight oats , boiling up a few eggs the night before or having a few greek yoghurts ready for you in the morning (that’s if you even eat breakfast..which is one for another day) 

3) “I feel tired and hungry” <<< most common problem when trying to lose weight. 

This is why I recommend – ideally – about 2 servings of animal based foods a day, such as eggs, fish, dairy, or meat

^^ with a serving being about the size of your palm…

Simply because:

1) They are high in protein so they keep you full up for longer

2) They give you B vitamins which help you get the energy out of the food you eat and you can’t really get this from a plant based diet (unless you supplement or the veggies have been contaminated with animal poo…seriously )

If you are vegan?

I’d recommend combining beans, pulses, legumes, and grains to make a complete protein, supplementing with B vitamins and Iron, supplementing with a pea or rice protein powder supplement and sprinkling nutritional yeast on to your food.

It does take a bit more work when being vegan but you can do it and be healthy. You can check out my Vegan Nutrition book here if you want get done for you meals and recipes that cover everything you need to know to avoid deficiencies.

But this is all just information. And as we know? Information does not equal transformation. 

In fact, millions of diet books are sold every year, yet obesity is growing.

So, essentially, the health and fitness industry is failing you. 

Because you don’t need more information.

It’s now a knowledge problem, it’s an execution problem.

Which is exactly why my Fit For Life Body Transformation gives you a simple plan to follow so you can avoid overwhelm and procrastination and the support and accountability to keep you motivated even when life takes over, you’re short on time, and fed up…

^^ Because if you can learn to do it then, when can’t you?
You can learn more about our free 7-Day trial for our Fit For Life Body Transformation Programme here:


Speak soon,


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