“Can’t you just [insert here]”

“Can’t you just go to bed when they go to bed?”

“Can’t you just bring them to the dinner at 8pm?”

“Cant you just work whilst she plays?”

I’ll never forget how naive I was a few years ago…

I’ll be honest, I never truly understood what some of the ladies I worked with were going through when juggling babies, toddlers, teenagers, grandkids etc. with REAL LIFE…

And I still don’t fully now…

I mean, you can – of course – do the above – but there is always a ‘knock on’ effect when you break a babies routine and no matter how much I try to live ‘normally’ lol I don’t think anyone could have prepared me for how much it really does change your life (for the better, of course)

But what it reminds of me is when you hear the messages like ‘just exercise more and eat less” in this failing health and fitness industry..

Because it usually comes from people who:

1) Love exercise and have never struggled with weight / emotional eating issues

2) Don’t understand the emotional and physiological barriers to weight loss  

Now, I’m not saying they’re wrong. Because eating less and exercising more will help you lose weight. That’s just science. 

But just like with kids?

It’s never that simple and no ONE diet will work for everyone in the same way…

Some sleep through the night, some don’t.

Some walk from 10 months, others walk at 18 months…

Just like some people find working away and travelling as their biggest obstacle to weight loss, whereas others see ‘themselves’ as their biggest challenge. 

And given how different and personal this health and fitness stuff is to you, I personally focus on 3 things:

1) Food / nutrition – Are you nourishing your body with the nutrients you need to have more energy, whilst having a healthy eating plan to help you lose weight and tone up?

2) Fitness – are you getting stronger and fitter to make everyday tasks easier?

3) Focus – are you protecting your confidence? Doing something for YOU? Having fun As how do you feel when you have fun?

you see, the above 3 will dictate whether you are successful or unsuccessful in losing weight and actually keeping it off.

But I’m not saying you have to be a perfectionist in all 3. In fact, what often happens is that if you take care of the ONE that you see as the biggest challenge for you? The other 2 fall in to place 🙂

Just like what’s happened for Lisa:

“Noticed a couple of pairs of work trousers were baggy in the wrong places and bought 4 pairs in a size 10!! They are a tiny bit snug but not uncomfortable.

​​This has really helped the mindset and feel good factor.

​​I also met up with a friend last week who told me I really deserved to be where I am and feel amazing “​​

If you want ‘baggy trousers’ (couldn’t help but sing that lol) and want to have some fun doing it, you can try my Fit For Life Body Transformation for free by applying below:


Applications close on Sunday and we start on Monday.

Any questions, just let me know or ‘reach out’ as I often say to help me appear like I have some super power lol

Speak soon

Registered Nutritionist and Body Transformation Coach
Fruci Fit
SHIFT: Helping Busy Ladies Think Differently and Get Their Bodies Back For Good​​​​​​​​​​​
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