My Grandads #1 Tone Up Tip

Every Sunday, without fail, I call my grandad for a catch up.

Sometimes, I get no answer. He'll be out in the garden doing something. 

As he says 'to stop my knees getting stiff, I has to move-y' (the 'y' on the end was to emphasise the Italian twang)

He'll ring me back. 

And it's usually a very quick conversation. Quick enough, that I wouldn't have even sipped my coffee by the end of the conversation. That kind of quick. 

He's a man of few, yet very wise, words. 

Especially, in our recent phone call.

You see, it lasted my whole cup of coffee. 

And he gave some simple advice that i couldn't have explained better myself. 

And the best part is that he just said it like it's common sense. 

You see, Grandad isn't on a diet. He isn't trying to lose weight. Or anything like that. He just wants to make life easier, more simple and be healthy.

So when I asked what he was doing, this was what he replied with:

"I'm cooking cannelloni for the week. I don't want to be cooking every day. I can just pop it out the freezer, heat it up and it's done."

And this leads me on to this:

Imagine what you could do with the time and energy you save by knowing what, when and how much to eat to lose weight, tone up and level up your energy?

Be it more 'me' time, enjoying clothes shopping again...or even just having a bit of time to get on top of the domestic admin
(which has been a bit out of control in the Fruci household Grandads words have definitely come in handy).

Because for me, it's not about giving you the 'perfect' diet and exercise plan. It's about giving you one that you can stick to. One that doesn't rely on you spending hours in a kitchen, worrying about bad foods, or spending hours in a gym.


Because this then gives you more time to sort out the other stuff that would 'usually' get in the way on one of those diets that become another full time job in itself. 

And its funny because I even got a message the other week from Annette asking me 'have I got the day off today? You haven't put a workout in for me? Any advice on what I could do if I wanted to?"

And do you see how powerful that is?

Instead of 'exercise' being a chore, it's become a CHOICE.

And I guess that's the power of a personalised nutrition and exercise programme for YOU and your lifestyle. 

Speaking of choice, if you want to see what my Shift Personal Training and Nutrition System is all about?

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